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Investment recommendations in international Futures

For investment in international futures, our analysts send, on a daily basis, to the investors who use this service or to their team of operators, investment recommendations that they deem suitable, according to the operative techniques applied to each of these instruments.

In these recommendations, investors are informed of how, where and when to invest and when and where to close open positions.

Recommendations for investment on the Stock Exchange

In general, this type of investment is usually carried out in the short or medium-term. To achieve this, we will study the different stock exchange values ​​existing in the stock market chosen to invest, in order to inform our investor clients about those securities that are best fitted to invest in at all times, according to the operating technique used in each case.

Immediately after the investment is made, the same is monitored, indicating the investors or their team of operators, where they should close the operation, according to the applied operating technique.

Advantages of using this service: In addition to being guided by specialists in the field with a high degree of specialisation, we also consider it of the utmost importance that the investor manages their own account, since they will know at any time and immediately, where, when and how their capital is invested. Likewise, you will also know at all times what funds you can draw on. You will be able to avoid making subjective investments that are not aligned to any operational pattern of demonstrable efficiency, an issue that occurs constantly when the investor's capital is managed by third parties. And above all, it will prevent your capital from being managed by institutions or people outside your interests, as is commonplace.





With the collaboration of one of the teams of financial trainers with more experience in the international field (Lasvignes team), this Research and Teaching Centre, which has trained in this subject and in face-to-face classes, nearly three thousand private and professional investors, amongst whose students are Presidents of companies listed on the Stock Exchange, Private Investors, Directors of companies of different corporate purpose, Private traders or financial entities, Managers, related Brokers and Financial Advisors, who will provide professional training, aimed at whoever has experience in financial matters or not, who wishes to be trained in this subject to a highly-qualified standard


This training plan consists of learning to use different operational techniques of demonstrable effectiveness before their application in real mode, so that with their use they can obtain benefits from the investments performed in an ongoing manner.

These operating techniques are usable in any financial instrument of those quoted on the international Stock Exchanges (Stock Exchange Securities, International Futures on Stock Indices, Foreign Exchange, Raw Materials, CFDs, etc.).

With the application of these techniques, the investor will have the possibility of earning profits on their investments, whether the trend of the instrument in which they invest is bullish, or bearish.


This type of training is usually recruited by private investors with high capitalisation, who aim to manage themselves, or though their team of operators, their working capital, thus avoiding having to operate through financial intermediaries generally more concerned with their commissions than with the interests of the investor.  If this training is of interest to you, please personally consult the CML delegate in the investor's country of residence.





CML is engaged in, mainly, three activities:
1. The training of institutional or private financial investors (or their team of operators), in order to act in the market of Shares, Futures and other financial instruments, using optimised operational techniques, aimed at obtaining profits on an ongoing basis. Training centre founded in 1996.
2. The transfer of Recommendations for investing in International Futures and / or Stock Exchange values, addressed to private or institutional investors interested in them. Service founded in 1998.
3. Related Brokers (since 1998).




The investor interested in our Investment Advice services is duly informed that the accounts intended for this type of investment must be opened in the name of the investor in the financial intermediary that they choose. Under no circumstances may said capital be used for the accounts of CML or any of its collaborators, since this is determined by the legal regulations in force in Spain and in almost all countries where there is a regulated financial market.

On the other hand, we also inform the investor or financial institution interested in the investment recommendations service that the contracts corresponding to this financial information service must be signed by the CML Director together with the seal of this company. If this were not the case, the contract would be invalid, leaving any type of liability in the hands of the investor.

If this case occurs, we would ask of the investor(s) to contact our head office in Spain in order to be informed about this irregularity and be able to correct it.

If you have any questions, please kindly contact the head office in Madrid (Spain), at the address and telephone number given on each of the pages of this website or by sending an email.

Thank you for your time.


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